Venetian Plaster is a relatively modern term used to describe an ancient stuccoed surface coating. Like many traditional plastering techniques, this one achieves its effect with a combination of unique materials and skilled application.

The recipe for Venetian Plaster is based on a mix of aged slaked lime, ground marble dust, and pigment. At one time, Roman craftsmen went through a laborious and painstaking number of steps to achieve the intended effect. Thrailkill's Drywall can create the same custom effect for your home or office.

A painted wall will never be able to duplicate the mood, feel, and depth of true Venetian Plaster. Turn ordinary walls into art!

Finished smooth wall in skylight
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After a drywall is installed and taped, you have multiple finish options available. One of the easiest and most commonly chosen methods is the application of texture. Texture is the pattern applied to drywall to give it design and to help hide any flaws or imperfections in the wall. There are many different styles of texture, and the way it is applied is how these styles are obtained.

Below are several samples of textures that can be applied to your walls:
These are three different forms of Skip Trowel texture in varying degrees of pattern and thickness. There are many different styles you can achieve by adding sand, more texture or applying different degrees of pressure with your trowel.
These are a few of the many textures you can apply, using brushes, sponges, broad knives, etc. Just use your imagination!
Here are four different forms of Orange Peel texture. When applying texture you have the choice to either apply it with a trowel, with the assistance of a sprayer, or through a combination of the two. Orange Peel texture in particular is intended to duplicate the appearance of an orange peel, and is obtained through spraying the texture. The size of the texture is a personal preference and varies depending on the consistency of the plaster being used. The lighter the spray, the more the pattern resembles an orange peel. Orange peel textures are typical in bathrooms and kitchens, where a minimal texture is desired for ease in maintenance and cleaning.
Heavy Spray Knockdown
(or Skip Trowel) texture matched to existing
Finished wall of Heavy Spray Knockdown texture
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